quantum, 2013 (100x150cm)

bar kuka,2014 (100x150cm)

rückenfigur, 2014 (100x150cm)

LitPol-Link Elk Bis substation after Maidan and the spring of Crimea, 2014 (100x150cm)

she never knew her father, 2014 (100x150cm)

dialogue with Wittgenstein, 2014 (100x150cm)

on that day, 2015 (100x150cm)

time, 2015 (100x150cm)

dropouts, 2015 (100x150cm)

the day after, 2015 (100x150cm)

stendhal and the irreversible time, 2015 (100x150cm)

the social media, 2016 (100x150cm)

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